Pet Memorial


9/1/2000 – 1/29/2013
Millville, NJ

Furby, was a pure bred Flame Point Himalayan who had to be rescued by Communities Altering The Strays due to severe neglect and abuse. He spent many weeks recovering at Pleasant Valley Veterinary Services until he was well enough to be adopted. We adopted him on March 13, 2004. Furby adjusted rapidly to his new home in South Jersey and was happy, very submissive and a well-adjusted, lovable pet. About 3 years after adopting Furby, our daughter, Karen, (who also rescues cats), trapped a grey, neutered male Persian, who was never claimed. While grooming him we observed that he was also very submissive in nature and very much like Furby. Since he needed a forever home we decided that if Furby would accept him, he could stay with us too. To our shock, Furby immediately opened his home and his heart to this needy cat, which we named Grayson. They became the best of friends and inseparable. Furby’s compassion and acceptance of Grayson allowed us to adopt him as well. Furby’s passing deeply affected his family, including Grayson. He is sadly missed.



Oxford, NJ
2002 – 2011

Adopted by Matt Scher (she really picked him), at Ft. Drum, NY, September 2002. She was approximately two years old. She had a very good life for the last 8-1/2 years. She was a lively, fun cat!



White Township, NJ
Found as a Stray

Clementine loved catnip and grass. She didn’t like to be groomed and would say “Ow” when you brushed her.



White Township, NJ

Di Di was a very frail kitten, not expected to live, but she fooled everyone.



Ridgefield Park, NJ
8-12-89 until 3-12-00
Loving Companion to Mary and June

Crystal had a lot of difficult health issues but she fought them bravely. She proved time and time again her loyalty and love.




Belvidere, NJ
1997 until 3-21-00
Fostered and adopted with Frisky
Loving Companion to Kathie, John, Geri, and Joe

We fostered you as a sick kitten. We fell in love!. You were a friend to another sick kitten, Frisky, and you both helped one another pull through. You loved belly rubs on your “Big Fat Belly,” and even though you were born with bad knees you still ran around and climbed your cat furniture! So sweet, so young and you passed away so suddenly and we don’t even know why.




Belvidere, NJ
1997 until 5-6-05
Fostered and adopted with Jarrett
Loving Companion to Kathie, John, Geri, and Joe

Frisky, you were the fastest cat we have known. How you loved to play! You were a good friend to Jarrett and to all of our other feline companions. When you wanted to lie in particular cat bed, you would clean and clean and clean the other cat until he became annoyed and left the cat bed! How shrewd of you. When you were sick you ate all of your medicine right off the table — you must’ve known it would make you feel better. We miss you, our Frisky–you gave “Good Kisses!”




Belvidere, NJ
11-96 until 4-4-2008
I want to live here – please don’t take me back home!
Loving Companion to Kathie, John, Geri, and Joe

We took you home, you returned to our yard….you liked our accommodations best! Cross-eyed and (seemingly) not very bright, your nickname was Dopey, but you proved us wrong! You wanted to be a pampered house cat and you wrapped us around your paw and moved in! Your family had given you the name “Lightning,” and you became a beloved friend to our “Storm.” You are now both together at The Bridge. We miss you, Handsome Dude!




Belvidere, NJ
7-2-2002 until 7-22-2007
Rescued in the woods at 8 weeks old
Loving Companion to Kathie, John, Geri, and Joe

Crazy, goofy Michael! You were always getting into trouble and so our nickname for you was Lucifer. You loved to chatter to the red laser light and would try to climb the walls to catch it! You had a habit of hiding your favorite toys in the floral arrangements and sometimes would need help retrieving them. You died too young, but now you are jumping and climbing like a monkey again.



Belvidere, NJ
7-96 until 11-14-2008
A friendly stray who needed a home
Loving Companion to Kathie, John, Geri, and Joe

Proving that FIV+ cats can live many happy, healthy years, you were probably around 15 years old when you suddenly became ill and passed away. We called you our “English Gentleman,” because you had a gentle personality and you were always very “proper” (except when you scooted across the floor on your side!)



Millville, NJ
4-21-84 until 7-29-03
Loving Companion to Harry and Linda

You came into our lives and gave unconditional love. You are sadly missed.



White Township, NJ
Found as a feral kitten

Also known as “Bobbi-kitty” She was very independent. She loved her ham!




Belvidere, NJ
7-21-1994 until 11-23-2007
Rescued at 8 weeks old from 40 feet up in the tree
Loving Companion to Kathie, John, Geri, and Joe

We heard your cries – deaf, lost kitty! The fireman climbed the tree and saved you before an approaching storm. You were loved by everyone! Your doctors called you “The Miracle Cat” because you overcame so many ailments. You were our first kitten and we just adored you. You were always our “Baby Storm.” You are now with Pussycat who loved you and care for you as a kitten, just as if was your mother!




Belvidere, NJ
1993 until 8-16-01
Our First Rescued Cat
Loving Companion to Kathie, John, Geri, and Joe

How patient you were! Our first cat. We studied, and we learned. Our passion to help homeless cats was inspired by you. We loved our long walks in the woods. You cared for our deaf kitten, “Baby Storm” when he became separated from his Mom and two tom cats chased him up a tree. You loved to play and dive in the snow (until we had to rescue you because the snow was too deep for you to make it back home!) You were our “Mighty Hunter,” and finally decided that living in a warm house wasn’t so bad after all. We miss you deeply, our Puddytat!