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I just found out that I am expecting a baby. My friend said now I have to get rid of my cat. Is that true that my cat could cause problems with my baby? Could you give me more information?

If you’re expecting a baby, you may have heard of toxoplasmosis because it can cause serious birth defects. Thankfully, you can easily avoid contracting toxoplasmosis from cat feces withoutgiving up your beloved feline “baby.” The complete article is listed at the Humane Society of the United States website at:

Pregnancy and Toxoplasmosis

You may also like to read “Introducing Your Pet and Your New Baby” on the website of the Humane Society of the United States.

Introducing Your Pet and New Baby

Someone told me that some of the flea and tick preventives for cats and dogs may be counterfeit. How can I find out if the product I purchased is counterfeit?

There is a lot of information about this topic at the Environmental Protection Agency’s website. If you have purchased the products through your veterinarian, you probably have a legitimate product. To be sure, please check out the information at the EPA site below.


Why does my cat urinate outside the litter box? How do I keep my kitty off the counters? My cat scratches at the soda. Do I need to have him declawed?

These questions are answered by Steve Dale, Contributing Editor to USA Weekend in Curb Bad Behavior. He said these are some of the most common questions he receives for cats. The article also contains several answers to common dog behavior problems. Please check out his site below:


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