Lost and Found

For a pet owner, losing a pet is a very difficult time. Your beloved companion is missing and you have no idea what to do or how to find them. We want to help. Immediately report your pet missing to your animal control officer, shelters, police station, and veterinarians in your area. Contact us immediately at 908-453-0082. We will advise you as to what steps you should take NOW while your pet may still be in your area.

Please fill out the form below to report Lost or Found pets and we will post them on our pages.

When your pet is found (and we hope it will be), please

E-mail us at catsincorporated@comcast.net

so we can remove them from our list.


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Lost and Found Form



If you found a cat or another animal or if you lost your cat or another type of pet:
1. Show a photo of the cat or another animal (if available) to your neighbors. Ask them if they lost a cat or another animal or if they have seen your missing cat or another type of pet.
2. Call the animal control officer in your town and the surrounding towns. You can get the phone number from your town hall or the town municipal clerk if it is not listed in your telephone directory. Cats and other animals can travel a fair amount of distance from home, especially if they are frightened by dogs, people, other cats, other animals, etc.
3. If you lost a cat or another animal, provide the animal control person with a very good description, a photo (if available), your address, and where you last saw the cat or another animal. Place bulletins everywhere.
4. If you found a cat or another animal or you are seeing a new cat or another animal in your area, please report it to your animal control person in your town or the area where you saw the animal. The animal control office may have a report of the missing pet. Please report the sighting and provide a description of the cat or another animal along with an idea of the area where you saw the cat or another animal. Animal control may want to take the cat or another animal to the local shelter to allow the owner 7 days to claim the cat or another animal. What happens after the 7 days is determined by the municipal laws or the shelter’s policies. If you want to care for the cat or another animal yourself or if you want to adopt the cat or another animal into your family, you should first give the owner a chance to claim the cat or another animal. Watch the local newspapers and check the Internet lost and found sites. You can also place an ad in the newspaper, but run a fairly general description of the cat so that only the owner will know the cat’s or another animal’s particular markings, personality, etc. You don’t want unscrupulous people to take this cat or another animal, claiming they are the owner.